Thursday, February 28, 2008

They caught me! nnn+56

We had problems viewing the pictures earlier...hope it's fixed now!
It appears some are still having problems seeing our pix...we can see them...but some can't!
We have tried viewing with IE, Opera & Firefox and have no problem.
We have no idea what is going on! SO SORRY!
Anyone have any ideas?
We have tried deleting and replacing!


This post was edited and published by Jake.
(almost literally)


'[[[[[[[[[[[[[[I went to the doctor vet...They caught me!
I was a big boy.
I didn't cry or run away. I did fuss all the way there.

I seen a big dog there...they said he was a puppy. He had the biggest feet I ever seen. I think they said his Dad weighed 115 pounds...I hope I don't get that big.

I think I like blogging more than going to the doctor vet.

Would you believe, I doubled my weight!
Does that mean, I need to go on a diet?
I don't want to weigh 115 pounds and have big feet.

We had company over the weekend...
I think his name is
"Jelopena Man on a Stick"
(my cousin made him) she is very creative.

Just trying this out...
What does this thing do?
It feels nice and warm.

I'm out of's getting silly now!

This is where I hid when I first came to my new forever home. I don't hide there any more. I love my new home!

vcvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ===========-p[[pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp


  1. Congratulations on your First Post Jake (well, all by yourself anyway)! And Congratulations on your new squillion - happy squillion day!

  2. I am a little bit sad because for some reason I cannot see your pictures. I am very proud of you for making your very first post. You are going to be a very good blogging kitty. You did very good typing, too. I think blogging is funner than going to the vet, too.

  3. I can't see your photos either.
    And I think you are really good could type. That is the skill I can't do~!!
    You are awesome!!

  4. Sounds like you did very well, Jake. Maybe we'll get to see your photos soon?

  5. Jake, you're a very talented key boardist, wow! We also hope we can see your photos. Don't worry about losing weight, all of us here have been told that at one time or another. Good luck!

  6. Oh no, poor Jake having to go the doctor vet. But you were very brave.

    PS: I can't see your pictures either. Ack.

  7. We can't see your pictures either, Jake. We see the ones from the 25th, but not after that. We're viewing on Mozilla Firefox but can't see them using IE either. Did you try deleting the pictures and then reselecting and uploading them?


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