Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hey Mom...we need to blog

We have been asking Mom to let us blog today. She gets kinda busy and forgets that we need to do our blogging.

We have been playing on our new condo-gym a lot. Baby Jake plays on it much more than I do.

Mom keeps snapping pictures of us...she woke me up a few minutes ago...just trying to take my picture. Of course my tummy was exposed. She just sneaks up on me. I don't have a chance to fix my fur and make it look gorgeous. After all, I might have had bed-head.

Baby Jake is growing very fast...he has long legs. He still acts like a baby though.


  1. I think your fur looks gorgeous. You are lucky you have LOTS of fur to keep you warm.

  2. Sorry, Chancy, Jake will act like a baby for years.

  3. Chancy

    You have a booteefull floofy tummie...and Baby Jake is going to be tall dark and handsome.


  4. Do not worry Chancy, you look beautiful!

  5. No Bed-head there Chancy - just a pretty, floofy tummy! Our Mommy has been lagging to, not helping us visit our friends - maybe it's the weather!

  6. Hi Chancy and Baby Jake...
    Thank you for your purrs for my mom bean when she went to the hospital. She's getting better a little bit everyday. They still have lots of stuff to do to fix her heart to be better, but she has to get stronger first.

    I don't have to sit on her all the time now. Is that a good thing? I don't know, I liked napping on her all day long. Now she can sit at the computer some and I have to find other things to do.

    Nice to meet you, hope to visit often....Hugs...Grethen

  7. Your mom listens to you? Want to tell us your secret?

    jans funny farm

  8. I am glad to see you both could blog.
    I think we kittens are always like babies~!!!


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