Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging or doctor vet?

Hey, Chancy, lets get busy blogging!

Come on, we need to blog...why are you in there Chancy? You going to the doctor vet?

Hey Jake, I'm not going anywhere. You are.

You need to get cleaned up are going to see the doctor vet.

I'm not going to the doctor vet...catch me if you can.


  1. Uh-oh Jake, did they catch you?

  2. Oh man, little buddy, if they catch you, it's okay--it happens to the toughest of little mancats. Be brave, buddy.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  3. Run Run Run~~~~
    Never let bean catch you!

  4. Oh.... the doctor vet.
    How awwwful.
    I hope you survived the torture room, bleh.

  5. RUN!!!!!!!! HIDE!!!!!!! I find being under the bed in the middle works quite nicely! Of course throwing a hissy fit while doing so helps them to know you mean business!

  6. Jake, if they did catch you, I hope the vet visit wasn't too bad. We hate it too, but we all gotta go sometimes. :(

  7. Run and hide, Jake! If they did catch you, I hope it wasn't too bad at the doctor vet's.

  8. Wow Chancy is such a purrety and floofy kitty ~ simply adorable :)

  9. Aww Jake, the doctor vet isn't that bad! Sometimes it's even fun.


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