Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a lazy Monday

We are so happy Christmas is over. We are tired of all the hiding we need to do when visitors come. There were little voices all over the house saying lets find the cats. They had flashlights, and were very serious about the hunt. They were organized and we were afraid they would track us down and want to cuddle us. But, we had great places to hide from the voices. After a long time hiding, the house was quiet. We new it was safe to come out of hiding then. We creep down the hall very slowly, it's still quiet, it must be safe now. Peek around the corner, nobody's there. Oh what a relief to go to the water & food dish, then the box. No harassment. Peace at last!

Mom still can't find the battery charger for her camera. It's a mystery! We have tried to investigate this to no avail. Us cats can usually find anything. She finally gave up the hunt and purchased a new camera. She needed a more updated one anyway. It should be arriving at our house within a week. We can't wait. She wants a picture of us three together. Don't think that will happen...maybe two of us, but never all three together at one time.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of good stuff.

...Chancy, Jake & Babe

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silly Saturday

Mom has always known exactly where everything is in our house. Well, guess what? Now Mom lost the battery charger for her camera.
With two extra people living with us, she seems to scatter her stuff all over the house. She can't seem to keep organized any more. She says, bits and pieces of her are scattered all over the house.

The tree has been up for a week. It's still not decorated. A strand of lights, smack dab in the center, are out. They gotta get this stuff taken care of. The storage box of ornaments and extra lights are beside the tree.

We just sit back and watch the turmoil!

Oh... humans are so silly sometimes!


Chancy, Jake and Babe