Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jake's expeditions...

This is what I like to do when I'm just at rest. Now I can watch chancy when she strolls by...then pounce on her. She hates that! tee-hee

The other day I found this thing. They said it was a sink. I wonder what it does? I don't think Chancy knows anything about this. I'm not telling her, either.
I'm keeping this sink thing to myself.

This looks like fun! That is so cool! I like dribbles...but I can't catch them...

This tastes good...what is it?

Lick-y, lick, smack, smack...I will be back. I must investigate this further. I'll do it later. I don't want to miss nap time. I gotta hurry, before Chancy gets the best spot.
I'm the mancat here!


  1. Jake, you are very cute~!
    Although you are young, but you have very great mancat pose here!
    I think you are doing great job on performing a good mancat!

  2. Sinks are a lot of fun, if you don't mind the water. Run, and beat Chancy to the best napping spot!

  3. Jake, when you are a kitten, there are many things to learn about! Now run along for nap time.

  4. Well done Jake - I still love the sink and I've loved it since I was your age! But don't forget your nap time, you need lots of naps to become a big mancat!


  5. Ooh, yeah, dripping water is great. Any movin water is great!


  6. Jake you are too cute! We like your furs and they way they stick out a bit on the ends!! Sinks are really fun. Have you discovered the tub yet? It's even better!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  7. We loves the sink too!! We sit and look at it 'til Mom makes the water drippy for us. Have fun!!

  8. Sinks are great for dribbles and drinkys!
    I am glad you discovered them!

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog! It's furry nice to meet you all.

    The sink is fun, and playing in water can be fun also.

    Luf, Us

  10. Ooh good job investigating the sink. You are a very brave cat, we're scared to go by the sink.


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