Friday, February 8, 2008 big brother is coming

What did you say? My brother is coming for the weekend? I'm so excited. He is the best. He thinks I'm wonderful. Does my butt look big in this picture? He's getting married this coming summer. Do you think they will ask me to be in the wedding? I know they won't ask Jake, he's just a baby and too rowdy. I better start getting washed up. I want to look my best for when he gets here.

When is he coming...when will he be here? I gotta hurry!

There, don't I look just gorgeous? He will be so happy to see me. I just remembered, he has never met Jake or seen our new condo-gym. He will be so surprised. I might ask him if I can be in his wedding...


  1. Oh that is exciting - have a wonderful visit!

  2. Chancy, you look gorgeous! I think you would make a wonderful flower girlcat.

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  4. Oh, Chancy, you do look perfect for your big brother. I'm so happy for you.

    Tell Jake that I played his Three Meme Game today.


  5. Wowww Chancy, you are so beautiful and handsome~!
    I bet your big brother will be jealous at you!

  6. Well, one nefer knows what is gonna happen. So maybe astart washin up...


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