Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"you make my day"

Today is my Mom's birthday...she is not very happy about being a senior citizen. I've told her it is better than the alternative! Everybody has been calling her wishing her Happy Birthday...will it ever stop. It's hard to get those cat naps, when the phone keeps ringing.

We had a party for her over the week-end, with the whole family. She always has a good time at the parties. I think they are kinda rowdy myself. So I was very happy they didn't hold the party here. I got to rest in the peace & quite.
My big brother went back to college...he said he wanted to take me with him...but he didn't. He is one of my favorite humans. I love him...and my Dad of course.

I am so honored...I want to thank Charlie for this award.

I am grateful that he thinks I am worthy of it.

Thank you Charlie.
"you make my day"


I am passing this award on to my other furry friends, who are so deserving. They visit my blog, leave encouraging messages, and just generally being kind & sweet to the entire community of kitty bloggers.

Artsy Catsy, Adans Everyday, PB&J,

William of Mass Destruction,


  1. Nice to meet you all! Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

  2. Hi, I'm Momo, don't think I've visit you before. Nice meeting you. Happy Birthday to your mom! You are two lovely kitties.

    I would like to invite you over this weekend when I, as the official Cheerleader of the National Feline League, am cheering for the Packers in the playoff. The post will combine the artistic talents of a couple of the kitties from the blogosphere. Please come!

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday! And being a senior citizen isn't half bad. Like you said, the alternative is ....

    Thank you so much for the award. We greatly appreciate it. We were saddened to go back and read about Ernie last night. We hope you are healing, but we know it takes time.

    And it's so great that both Mao and Annie are home. Whew!

    Have a great day.
    Jan's Funny Farm

  4. Oh thank you so much Chancy - it's a wonderful award!

    We'll wish your mom a very happy birthday quietly!

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  5. P.S. Did you know that we left a special award for you on our bloggie - way back on the 6th?

  6. Congratulations on your award~!
    And, Oah Thank you, Chancy and Ernie,

    You are so so kind to me~!!
    Thank you for thinking of me, I am so so grateful~~~~~
    I am very proud to be your friend~!

  7. PB & j...My Mom must have had a senior moment on the 6th...thank you for the award. (She hates that expression!) We are so happy you are one of our friends.


  8. Thank you so much for the award, Chancy! And happy, happy birthday to your mom!

  9. I hope your mom had a very happy birthday!

  10. Hey, We have the award you gave us posted now. Again, thanks.

    jans funny farm

  11. Oops. We forgot to add that we gave it right back to you. You don't need to pass it on. We just want you to know we appreciate you.

    jans funny farm

  12. Happy belated purrday!


  13. Belated Happy Birthday to Chancy and Ernie's Mom!

    Congratulations on your award :-)

  14. Chancy & Ernie, thank you so much for honoring us with this award, and thank you also for your birthday wish to my sisterbean! You helped her & my mom to have happy leaky faces instead of sad ones.

    Your mom's birthday is the same day as my sisterbeans! My mom says to tell your mom senior citizenhood isn't so bad -- you can say anything you want without people looking at you funny because they expect it from seniors :-)



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