Sunday, January 6, 2008

My cousins...

Welcome Hanna & Mackenzie to the "Cat Blogosphere"

From the day Kenzie was born, she has had a passion for cats...just about everything she owns, draws or writes about...has a relationship to cats.

This is my cousins...Hanna & Mackenzie.

Kenzie just adores kitties...and writing about them. She is very good at creative arts. Always self confident and happy with her work, never criticizes herself, just enjoys the process.

She is new to the "Cat Blogosphere" and trying to learn all she can about blogging. Of course school work comes first, so I'm sure there will be times she won't have time to blog.

Mom placed Mackenzie & HannaBell's links on the sidebar.


Hugs, ~Chancy


  1. Welcome to your cousin! I left a little something for you on our bloggie!

  2. Chancy, we've tagged you for the "7 Weird Things About Me" meme! Come read about it in today's post on our blog. We can't wait to read your 7 weird things!

    & everykitty at Artsy Catsy

  3. It's always good to have cousins who love kitties!


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