Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seven Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by ArtsyCatsy to reveal "7 Weird Things About Me".

The rules are: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

*** 7 Weird Things About Me:

1) I am a big fluffy scaredy-cat ...I hate aluminum foil being ripped from the box...it hurts my ears! I run really fast...

2) I will run really fast...the other way when my Dad sneezes...he's soooo loud!

3) I get spooked when I see my Dad walking up the drive way...
I don't focus on him, I just see something coming & I run in the house...from the garage...really fast...

4) I love browsing the garage for crickets and the noise from the garage door...really scares me. I run into the house really fast...

5) Going outside spooks me...I will turn and run inside, really fast...
although I love to hang my head out the door as far as I can, without really going outside.

6) I run and hide under the bed when we get company...really fast...

7) When I run from something, I run in a crouched down position, so I can't be seen... really fast...

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  1. Oah Wowww...... you are really a fast runner~!!
    I think it's because you can hear very tiny sounds, so many things will let you feel not right~!!!

    I took very much time to learn how not to scared many noise, but still have more time~~~
    I hope someday you can get used to your daddy's sneezes~~

  2. Hi Chancy! Thanks for tagging us! We played along! We loved reading your seven things. We run very fast when company comes or the doorbell rings, too! Sounds like you are SUPER FAST!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  3. Hi Chancy! Thanks for visiting and tagging me. I read back and learned all about Ernie, which made us all very very sad. Tell your mom that it sometimes takes a long time for the loss to subside.

  4. Hi there Chancy...you don't like loud noises. My sisfur Boo is alot like you. She doesn't like noises either. It doesn't bother me much what upsets all my brothers and sisfurs I can sleep through.


  5. I think you and my sister Powder have a lot in common!

  6. Hehe me is a really fast runner too, you should come over and play tag! Me also runs from everything hehe. ~Empress

  7. Guess what? Loud sneezes scare me, too!

  8. Holy cow Chancy - you're like a girl version of me, you're even floofy like me! I didn't think there were any other kitties that were as "cautious" as me (mommy says I'm a big chicken, but I say I'm cautious!).


  9. There's nothing wrong in running from loud noises. They are scary. You sound like a very fast runner.

  10. Sounds like you do a lot of fast running. Our dad does deafening sneezes too.

  11. those are some great facts about you!

  12. *giggle*, Chancy, there are loud sneezes in our house, too, but it isn't Daddy who sneezes so loudly... it's MOM!!! She has the loudest, most earth-shattering sneezes, and when she sneezes, Daddy jokes around with her and says, instead of "Bless you," "Bless everyone within a fifty mile radius!" Cracks her up every time.

    I loved reading your meme! You sound like a champion sprinter kitty. I don't sprint. I tuddle *smile*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  13. What a very interesting post indeed; I have never known this much about cats. Thanks for coming to my party last month. I also have an award for you, so please stop by!

    licks & slobbers

  14. Chancy, you are just ... really fast! :-) I don't like loud noises either. But I can't run really fast because my belly flops and trips me.



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