Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friends in trouble

UPDATE Wed. Dec. 3: We have more friends in need of help.
*Criz & J Family, Meezers, Billy SweetFeets and Beau. Please remember them in your prayers and raffles.

We have another kitty missing, (Bailey) ...please pray for his safe return.

Praying for Moki to have a complete recovery.

Praying for Misty...get better real soon.
Misty update: She is going the rest

Praying for Bender to find his way home safely...

We are so sad, our friends are in trouble.

Keep up the prayers!


  1. I'm sure our purrs will help. Headbutts to everyone there.

  2. I am also praying and purring very very hard for them!!!

  3. I am keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Yes, we have been doing a ton of purraying and purring and sending many pawsitive thoughts to all of our furriends in trouble.

    Guess what?!!!???? You guys won the Snowman Ham-Mick in the Moki V-E-T raffle! It will be shipped today!!!

    Luf, Us

  5. It is very sad when friends go through hard times. We are purring and praying our hardest for them.

  6. We're doing lots of purring and praying to help as best we can.

    Thank you for visiting our blog!

    Ms. P, Cinza and Mom

  7. Weve got sum heavy duty purrs goin on here!

  8. Our purring motors just ain't stopping until all cats are found, well and happy again!

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. We are purring overtime for all our friends.

  10. Sending our sincerliest prayers and wishes to them!!!

  11. Ahh - so many prayers and purrs needed!! We will purr extra hard for them all.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie


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