Thursday, December 4, 2008

We got a Ham-Mick...kitty kot

We won, we won..........the Snowman Ham-Mick in the Moki V-E-T raffle. Please continue your prayers for all our kitty friends in trouble...and visit Forty-Paws
Forty-Paws are the creators of these kitty-wonderful Ham-Micks.

What is in there? Who's is it? This will take investigating.

Look Jake, I found these tubes. What did you find?

I found more stuff...this really cool snowman fabric. Are we suppose to make something?

I found more stuff...

I'll try to put this puzzle together. 1st I need to get this bag open. While you open the bag, I'll cuddle with this cloth.

Is that what it's for ...are you sure? Can I have a turn on that? Looks comfy!

WOW...this is great! I love this...a lot! Maybe the boys got this for me.

This is mine. I love this. It's so soft. I'll have to thank the boys for getting this for me.
They were so sweet to put this together for me. How did they know I wanted one?

Please don't forget our friends in trouble.


  1. That is way too sweet! All the poodins put the Ham-Mick together, and they luf it! We are so happy!

    Luf, Us

  2. Wow, that is really purrty.
    You's furry lucky to win it.
    We loves ours ham-mick.
    Purrs, KC

  3. Hooray for Hammicks! We love ours, but we think we really love your snowman hammick!

  4. Wow - what a pawesome ham-mick! We hope you all get a chance to enjoy it!

  5. We know you will love your Ham-Mick! It sure is pretty..Congratulations!
    ~ The Bunch

  6. Congratulations on winning the Ham-Mick! Another happy customer it looks like. We needs to get out Mom to get us one of those!

  7. Concatulations! And yeah, we'z sure da boys gots it fur yoo like us gerls get stuff fur our brofur *snort* Dat's a hoot.

  8. Congrats on winning the ham-mick! We love our ham-micks! They are the bestest!

  9. Concatulations on winning! That's a really nice ham-mick. We love the snowman pattern!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. We is so glad you liked the ham-mick and just wanted to thank you for buying a ticket(s) to help Moki. Forty Paws was so very nice to auction this off for us!

  11. Congratulations, that's a fine hammick, you are so clever to have assembled it yourselves for Chancy!

    Have a lovely weekend


  12. You are very clever to put the hammock together all by yourselves. I hope all of you get a chance to nap on it.

  13. oh wow that is so cool we want one of them too. no maybe we want two of them, yea two would be purrfect.

  14. That hammock looks neat ans comfortable. Glad you wone it! Now I need to talk Mom into ordering me one!

  15. gimme!! i wants! looks yike the bestest sleepies place ever!
    i yikes your sites lots


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