Friday, November 14, 2008

Today is Jake's first birthday...

November 14, 2007 ~ Jacob "Jake" was born
In January 2008, Jake moved in with us

This was the 1st place I hid, when I moved in with Chancy and my new Mommy & Daddy.

I didn't stay under the bed very was more fun to come out and join everybody and play!

After I played and played, I fell asleep on my dad's chest...

I found so many things to do in my new home...

I love toys...almost any toy...

Mom says, this is not a toy that I can play with...

Is she gone?... I'll do some blogging. She'll never know!

I love this place to take my naps. I helped Dad put it together.

This is where I sorted the bolts for Dad.

Sometimes, you just have to do some thinking and planning.

I think I figured it all out.

Just another adventure...

drip, drip, drip...what is this?

I'm so handsome, don't you think?

Here we are, playing on the activity gym, that I helped build.

Here I am with some of my best friends...Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday Orkut Graphics

Happy Birthday Jake!
We love you!
Chancy, cousin Babe and Ernie's Voice
Mom and Dad
Great Grandma


  1. Happy Birthday Jake!~!!!!
    That is wonderful today is your first birthday~! You are really growing up~!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday from all of us at Peggy's Place!! Have fun, hope you get some more fun toys.

  3. Happy birthday to Jake. I, too, have a black cat buddy and a Jacob who is Jake. But they are not the same person. Jake is my son, Jim is the black cat.

    So happy birthday.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Jake!!!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  5. Happy Birthday Jake.
    You have really grown up to be a very handsome mancat.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & KC


    You were such a tiny fella and now look at you! You are a beautiful , sleek mancat, all grown up and living such a great life.

    Have a wonderful day, with lots of love, fun and treats

    Whicky Wuudler, Angel, Oliver & Gerry & Mum

  7. Happy 1st Purrthday, Jake! Hope you have a great day!

    pee ess. mom has a soft spot for black kitties...all those pictures of you made her go Awwwwww!

  8. Happy Birthday Jake! I hope you have a great day today.

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Jake! You are now officially a Mancat!

  10. Jake

    IT's the BIG numero UNO ... what a happy happy day. You officially now become a full grown mancat ... one handsome mancat too. We enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of you from the past year it shows how you've matured into one gorgeous fella.

    MANY MANY more wonderful purrdays.


  11. Happy purrthday to you,
    Happy purrthday to you,
    Happy purrthday dear Jake.....
    Happy purrthday to you!
    The Creek Cats~

  12. Happy Purrfday Jake. Those are great photos of you.
    Now you are officially a Mancat.

  13. Happy Purrfday Jake! Those are very cute photos of you!

    Luf, Us

  14. Happy happy purrthday Jake! Hope you get lots of treats!

  15. Have a wonderful birthday, Jake!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  16. Happy Purrthday Jake! Hope yoo haf a squillion more.

  17. Happy Birthday to you! I loved looking at your pictures! :)

  18. Happy Birthday Jake!!!!
    You are a most handsome boy - MANCAT now! - and so smart! To help build such an awesome activity gym. And blog by yourself! Very impressive.
    We hope you are having a wonderful day full of more toys and treats and attention!
    Mrs. OZ , Tintin and Karl

  19. Happy Birthday, Jake! You grew up real good. I hope you have an extra-special day.

  20. Happy Birthday Jake! You're almost as handsome as me!!

    He he he
    Batman and the Turkey Cats

  21. Happy Birthday Jake! You're quite the handsome Mancat!

  22. Happy Birthday, Jake!

    You have grown from a cute kitten to a handsome guy.

  23. Happiest of Happy First Purrthdays to you Jake! Here's to many many more!

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  24. Happy 1st Birthday, Jake :-D

    I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of you as a tiny kitten. Now you're all grown up and a big mancat!

  25. Hippo Purthday to you!
    Hippo Purthday to you!
    Hippo Purthday dear Jaaaaake!
    Hippo Purthday to Yaaa-0000wwwww!!!

    I sure all of House Panthers sing along with me for you, our fellow House Panther!

  26. Happy Birthday, Jake! You're one handsome Mancat!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. You were sooo tiny, so cute. You are still just as cute but you've grewed a bit. Happy birfday Jake.

  28. Happy Birthday Jake! You're a mancat now, but you're still cute!

  29. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 1st Birthday Jake and many, many, many mooooore!! We hope your day was great and filled with lots of treats!!
    Your FL furiends,

  30. Happy First Birthday Jake!

  31. Happy First Purrthday, Jake!! We liked seein' your cute baby pictures!!
    We hopes you had a great day!!

  32. We're late, we're late... for a
    most important date!
    Oh me, oh my, oh dear, don't cry... we're late, we're late, we're late.
    Dear Little Jake: A Happy Happy Belated Birthday Wish to you (and our bean loved all the walk down memory lane photos...)


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