Monday, October 20, 2008 did the "Sugar Glider" get in there?

Will you help us solve this mystery. did the Sugar Glider get into the toilet?

...what is your theory?

This is a 2 story house w/basement. Sugar Glider was in the upstairs hall bathroom, located just to the left, across the hall, at the top of stairs. House has 2 1/2 baths.
4 bedrooms, 2 car garage. Also, a whole house fan at the top of stairs.

Ernie's Voice's gang theory came through the opened garage, the open door to the laundry room, through the kitchen, family room, front entrance, up the stairs...into the bathroom, maybe smelling water, jumped up to get a drink, fell into, couldn't get out!

Do you have a theory? If so...will you let us know what it is?


Fin of "Housecat Confidential" had a mystery guest in their toilet today. We seen was not pretty!
Fin's mommy was not happy, at all!


  1. We vote with you guys - what squirrel would come through the attic fan?! The poor guy probably just wanted a little swim or something!

  2. Um, we has had skwirrels in da attic dat camed in thru our whole house fan...dem is da real ones not da ones dat is in mom's brain attic.

  3. Oh my! What a funny story! Now, I have to ask .... a RAT? LOL! Come on, even all wet he resembles a squirrel more than a rat! ;o) Ok ... I'll give since it was so early in the morning and you weren't quite in tune yet! *snicker* I admit, no matter what "it" was, it would be freaky to find it in my toilet! LOL!

  4. We've herd there's sum roof vent that is attached to plumbin an sumtimes birds get in that way. In the bird story, sumfin was thumpin unner the lid an when a brave bean lifted it, a wet bird flew out. We should be so lucky!

    A couple years ago, a sugar glider nested in one of Mom's birdhouses. But none of them camed in to play :-( Yur uncle's funny. Purrs

  5. I've been thinking about that too. It seems like a long way to get past everyone there to an upstairs bathroom. Was there and open window?

    Thanks for mentioning my mystery too. I didn't get in too much trouble!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my purrthday party.

  7. Maybe he knocked at the door wanting some nuts, and nobody answered. So instead, he broke in to STEAL some peanuts but ended up in the toilet by mistake. That's probably what happened.

  8. I think you are probably right. My guess is also that he fell in the toilet looking for water and couldn't get out again. You might want to check for openings in the roof, though. Most of the storied I have heard of squirrels and similar creatures getting in houses came in through the top of the house.

  9. I think I am going to have to agree with Daisy. Her answer seems like the most true if you ask me!

    Purrs, Scout

  10. We think it's more likely that he came in at the 2nd floor level rather than via the 1st floor and made it all the way upstairs, undetected!

  11. That is not a sugar glider. Its a flying squirrel (a rodent)


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