Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Friday

Chancy says...
Finally it's Friday! Cousin Babe & great grandma have been staying with us for the past 2 weeks. We have been really busy, that's why we haven't had time to blog. So we begged mom to let us blog today. Yah!
Since cousin Babe has been here, we have been chasing each other & play fighting a lot. Usually around bed time...and driving everybody crazy. Jake seems to be the real instigator here. He never seems to know when to stop. Jake loves to chase Babe and Babe loves to chase me. We fly in & out of the rooms, down the hall, over the furniture, across the beds, over & over again. Since I am the more mature cat here, I'm usually the 1st one to stop the insanity and go to sleep. Babe goes to bed with great grandma, then Jake has to go to bed, because there is no one left to terrorize.

Jake says...
Just look what I can do now. Notice how I support myself by balancing my back feet on the edge of the tank. Now I can get my front feet wet in the tank, then maybe grab a fish or two.
What a guy I am! Notice those rippling muscles...I am wonderful!


  1. You are wonderful Jake! Though I am biased, I think all Jakes are wonderful :-)

    Lady Chancy, isn't it a bother having kittens around - how are you supposed to be a dignified adult kitty with them playing all the time! Sigh...


  2. That is an awesome cat tower!
    And I'm super jealous of your fishie tank. I want one sooo bad, but Momma says no. :(


  3. Sounds like you're been busy and having fun with your visitors :-)

    Jake, you do have a lot of rippling muscles. What a buff mancat you are! But I have to ask, when you do that, do you get in trouble?

  4. Oh, those poor fish. Not to mention poor Babe. She's not used to your energy.

    Oprah made us cry today too, even though we know about puppy mills and euthanasia at the shelters. It's just too sad.

  5. Jake, yer Beins should get you a little stepladder ta sit on ta watch the fishies. I haf one an its GREAT!


  6. That all sounds like great fun but I feel sorry for the fishies Jake, I hope you don't really catch any! :) xxx

  7. Great work Jake!!! We need to get some fishes.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  8. Hehehehehe Jake, that is a great trick! Look out fishies!

  9. Jake, you are so wild and crazy! Climbing the fish-tank is a good stunt.

  10. Did you get a good looksee at the fishes Jake?

  11. We like your cat tower! Jake, you're getting so big now! Do they still call you "Baby Jake"?

  12. Careful Jake, if you slip up you'll get wet. Wet is not fun!

  13. Wowie! You have a fish tank? that looks very exciting!

  14. Wowie! You have a fish tank? that looks very exciting!

  15. Jake - you are gorgeous!!! Did you get a fish...?


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