Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mu Shue, Lilly Lu, Iris and Mom Laura...

We are in prayer mode...

Please join us in prayer mode for Mu Shue, Lilly Lu, Iris and Mom Laura and their neighbors back in the building that caught on fire.

It was thick smoke... mu shue has asthma and lilly lu was just recovering.

Laura made a post on Lilly Lu’s blog

For the latest updates:
Cat Blogosphere

Prayers were answered...thank you!
We are so happy, Mom Laura found them & they are o.k. ...
For the latest updates: Cat Blogosphere


  1. We're so worried, too ... They've GOT TO BE okay, right?

  2. I am purring my hardest that our sweet friends are all right.

  3. We too are praying and purring very hard for momma Laura and everyone in her building affected by this fire!

  4. oh no, we hope and purrray they are ok.

  5. We are alway purring and praying for Mu Shue, Lilly Lu & Iris and their Mom. It is a very sad and scary time.

  6. We are so happy to hear that they were all found safely!!

  7. We where so relieved. Thank goodness everyone was alright!

  8. isn't it wonderful that miracles happen?!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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