Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cat's on Tuesday

This is what I love to do, nothing!
Just hang out, doing nothing!
Jake...be sure to tell mom & dad Happy Anniversary. They have been married 47 years today!

Jake recently found the birds...he loves to watch them.
Both of us like to talk to the birds.
I think they might even talk to us!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your mom & dad!

    I like to look out the window for birds, too. I like to cackle at them.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad!

    Look how big Jake is getting! Uh Oh, maybe he'll grow up to be a big mancat like our Jake!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaappppyyy Anniversary!!!

  4. Wowww...Happy Anniversary to your mommy and Daddy~!!!!!

  5. Oh, that's terrific. 47 years. Happy Anniversary to your mom & dad!

  6. I too love to chat with the birdies!

    Alles gute zum Hochzeilstag to your mommy and daddy! That is German for happy anniversary!

  7. Belated Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad :-D

  8. A Belated Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! It's great they have been together for 47 years!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    Oooh birds!

  10. Happy Anniversary to your beans! They picked a good day, our beans just had their anniversary too on the 24th, only one day before yours. However, they have only been married one year! You put them to shame!!

  11. OH! Happy Belated Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  12. Happy belated anniversary!!!! 47 years! That is a long time - even longer when you put it onto cat years, hahahahahahahaha!
    Baby Jake is growing into a nice big mancat! And you look very beautiful, Chancy!

  13. I mostly sit inside by the windows,
    Watching the birdies and the squirrels outside. It is warmer in the house than out. So I watch from the in side, out.


  14. I knew i was missing out on big things when my mom said I couldn't use the computer because she had other stuff to do (as if that was a reason!)--happy belated anniversary to your mom and dad!

  15. Wowee 47 years, that is a furry long time. Concatulations.

    Bird watching is fun. I do it all the time.


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