Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday with Chancy & Jake

See Jake hanging on the drape, behind the tree?

Here he is's hard to see him, but he's there!
*Some of you kitties are having trouble finding Jake in this picture...
look real close at the center of the pix...
can you see Jake's tail?

Here's where I climb, when I don't want Jake to get me. He hasn't figured out yet, all he needs to do is jump up here. Until he does, I'll enjoy the time. He loves to play fight, but I get tired of it. He is cute though!
Jake got in the dryer again today. He seems to like cuddling up with the warm clothes.


We are sad about all the sick kitties on the blogosphere, so we are in prayer mode for all of them. We want them to get better real soon.

*Smudge lost his battle. His family helped him to the bridge. He and his family fought a long hard battle. He will be very missed by his family & friends.


  1. I see him in the first photo, but not at all in the second! Are you sure Jake's in there?

  2. Glad you have a spot you can get away from the little guy.

  3. He just wants to be like u!
    Happy Spring.

    Tanya & Chanel

  4. Happy Happy Spring to you~!!!
    Jake is all grow up~!! So cute~!!
    I am glad you both look so great!

  5. Hi Chancy, Jake and Ernie's Voice,

    Thanks so much for stopping by our bloggie and introducing yourselves. It is very nice to meet you! Thank you also for you kind thoughts and well wishes!

    Jake and Chancy are both very adorable, they remind us very much of our Sissy cat and Lucy. Of course that is when Sissy was much much smaller...mol

  6. Jake will figure it out soon. Ayla sure did fast. We got no where ta hide...

    Skeeter and LC

  7. Up high is good while it lasts.... He will learn soon enough with you as his mentor!

  8. Chancy and Jake you both are furry kyoot and fun kitties ~ we couldn't spot Jake in the second piktur either ~ but we guess he probably is there!
    Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

  9. Hahahahaha!!! I see Jake's tail in the plant!! What a little imp :)
    I have sisfurs that argue a lot so I understand about getting away Lady Chancy ;) Jake will figure it out all to soon!
    Purrs Mickey


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