Monday, September 21, 2009

Nap time

We want to thank all you kitties for welcoming us back. That made us feel sooooooo good. Thank you-thank you.

Nap time is almost here. All 3 of us scatter around to find the best spots.

Chancy: I love to nap on the sofa or under Dad's bed. Since it started to thunder, Ill go under the bed.

Jake: I love my perch cubbyhole. Since I'm black, I'm hard to see in there. I like that!

Babe: I always nap with G-Gma in bed. She needs me there, or she gets cranky. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to the litter box or food, or just to play and have a little fun. G-Gma is always checking on me or calling me. One time she had Chancy & Jake's Mom, move the bed closer to the wall, so I couldn't fall down there. G-Gma has some funny ideas sometimes. We have to live with it or G-Gma feels bad. We do, what we can to keep her happy.

Chancy, Jake & Babe...the thunder stopped, going blogging now, then a long nap. Talk later.

Mom is still camera shopping, can't make up her mind what to buy. Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Glad to hear the thunder boomers have stopped there. Looks like they may start up here any minute. We must go find a bed to hide under!

    Our mom is doing the camera search too, she has no clue what to get.

  2. Babe, You have a very important job taking care of G-Gma! We are sure you are a great comfort to her.

    Mom got a Nikon Coolpix 220. Then Dad got a Coolpix 320. They both really like them and can't seem to keep them out of our faces!

  3. Nappin is da best time 'specially if its dark and quiet.

    Our the mom is always partial to da Kodak cameras. She doesnt like complicated fings tto figure out.


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