Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good morning Kitty bloggers

I still love to play fetch, as you can see in my pix. Mom wads up paper into a ball and pitches it. I usually try to second guess her and run part way to where I think she will toss it. I'm good!

How is everyone today? We didn't mean to be away so long. Things in our house have settled down somewhat. G-Gma has been doing very well these past several days, so we are taking this opportunity to kitty-blog. We have certainly missed it.

Mom needs a new camera so she can start taking pictures of us again. The one she had, died of old age.

We are going blogging now, talk later.
...Chancy, Babe & Jake

PS, we don't want to forget all you kitties that have checked in to see how G-Gma was doing. Thank you so much.


  1. We like the new look! Glad G-Gma is doing well. We have missed you!

  2. That is so cool that you know how to play fetch! We want to learn!

  3. We is happy dat yer G Gma is doin well. We dun fetch but Jake does we is not sure if he'd do dat wif paper.

    We is also glad yoo is bak.

  4. Hi Furiends! We've miss you so!
    We are so glad to hear your G-Gma is doing well!

  5. We're glad to hear from you! Way to fetch, Jake.... our brother Nicky is also black, and he also used to fetch when he was younger.

  6. We're so glad you're back & that things are going well for you all!! You've been missed!

    Festus likes to play fetch, too, he's just not very good at bringing all the way back. If Mama holds her hand out too soon, he'll drop it right where he's at...

  7. Stop by an' leave me a comment today 'cuz Eukanuba has given us five vouchers good for a free 4-pound bag of cat food an' you could win!



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