Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Words- Wednesday

Mom says we can blog today...we have been waiting a long time. Mom has been catching up on her projects and very busy...she keeps telling us that!

Did you see the new banner and profile picture that mom made for our bloggie? She's not sure we will keep those or make another. We think they are fine, but she's been kinda goofy lately.

Babe and G-Gma are doing just fine. We are so happy about that.

Along with mom catching up on her projects, taking care of us and G-Ma, she had to reformat the hard drive on our big computer. She still has software to reload back and more tweaking to do.

In the mean time, we will use our laptop. We don't care, just so she will help us blog.

...Chancy, Jake & Babe


  1. it is so good to see you back. Glad every one is going well!

  2. We think your whole blog looks fabulous! We love the new header!

  3. Your new header looks cool!

    We had to reformat our laptop computer. It was a huge job!

  4. Great to see you all.
    I hope your mom's project going well.

  5. Thank so much for the purrs for Cal! We appreciate them so very much!!


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