Sunday, December 9, 2007

My friend...

This is my friend, the neighborhood cat.
She lives in the next block.
My Mom worries about her being out side.
It can be very dangerous in the city,
even in the suburbs, for cats to be out.
She is so pretty...
we like to stare at each other for a long time.
Sometimes it's weeks before she returns to stare at me.
I haven't seen her for sometime, I hope she is O.K.
This is a spooky picture...but cool!

The picture below takes the spooky away...

I wish she would come back to see me,
then I would know she is o.K.


  1. Does your friend have a home? Or does she live on the street?

    If your friend is living as a stray, maybe your Mom can help find her a home. Then your mom wouldn't have to worry about your kittie friend.

    (Maybe you would like a friend to play with?)

  2. Oh Chancy, I do hope she's okay. She looks like a very nice kitty. Those pics are great:) xxx

  3. She's a pretty kitty. We hope she is ok.Maybe she's not going out so much now it's colder weather.

  4. Oh we hope that your friend has a home and just pops round to visit now and then, rather than being a stray - that would be so sad for such a pretty kitty to not have a home! Cool picture too.

  5. Hi all, just want to ease your heart, my friend has a home. Maybe they are keeping her in the house. She is not a stray. I just hope & pray they are keepng her in and nothing has happened to her. She is so pretty. Beautiful gray kitty.

  6. If your friend is smart, she's staying in the house during nasty weather. We're the same way -- we spend the winter in the house where it's warm and dry.

  7. Awww, you have a furry pretty and sweet furriend. I hope she can find a fureffur home! And what a kool looking pickshure!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  8. Hi Chancy. Your friend is very beautiful, glad she has a home. Wish they would keep her up.
    Your Ernie is a little doll, I know you must miss him. He really looks like Sol and Noir from Momma Dinah's litter. They are 5 months old. Glad to see a grown up photo of him, get an idea what they will look like as adults.
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  9. Yoo must be soul mates or somefin. WOw.

  10. I hope in this cold winter, you friend could find a place to hide from Snow :(

  11. Your furiend is very pretty! We hope she is home inside staying warm!
    That is such a cool picture, too!
    Your FL furiends,

  12. Oh, poor dear. We hope your friend is OK.


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