Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging from trees...

We had a great family Christmas...everybody was here...we had a wonderful time. My cousin "Babe" was here and we played, alot! ...because he wanted too.
He is such a boy...

My mom wants to know how we can get our link on other blogs...
When we had websites, we had link do the blogs do it?

Blogging is still kinda new to us.
If you want us to add your link to our blog...please leave it in comments...we will be happy to add it!

See how I can hide in trees...

Hope every kittie had a Merry Christmas...and your moms and dads, too!


  1. Chancy, thank you, and Ernie too, for your sweet comment on our blog today! We're so glad we've met you! And we're putting your link on our blog right now.

    Love from all of us,

  2. Oh no, we're so sorry, Chancy. We just realized that Ernie has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. But I'm sure he was as sweet as you, and he probably heard us thank him anyway.


  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    Love and purrs,

  4. Dear Chancy and Erine,

    I have already add you in my blog's link. And also in my Google Reader.
    As long as you have new article, I will know and come here~!
    So~~ Not to worry, I won't miss you~!


  5. You look very happy in that tree!

    We've already added you to our blog roll - feel free to add us to yours as well :-)

  6. I have already added you to my blogroll. Commenting on other blogs is a great way to get them to return the visit and add you to their blogrolls. You look like you are having great fun in that tree.

  7. A lot of us use Blog Roller ( to add sites to our lists. They even give you an HTML code so you don't have to hand code each additional link.

    I've added you to my list!

  8. Most of us once we get to know you and we leave comments will add you. Mum is behind in doing new links, but you are on the list to add. Maybe I can get mum to work on that this weekend.

  9. Hey now... I just learned about you and wanted to drop in and say hello and Happy New Year. I'll have my human add a link to you ASAP.


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