Monday, November 19, 2007

No photo shoot now...

I told you...I didn't want my picture taken now. Maybe later when I'm in a better mood. I'm just feeling finicky to day. Now I have some things to do...maybe I'll do a photo shoot later. Although there is only so much cuteness I can do a day. me-u, me-u


  1. Mommy tried to make us have our pictures taken yesterday too and we were having non of it. Sometimes a kitty is just too busy, you know?

  2. You are a very pretty kitty so I'm not surprised your beans want to photograph you:)

    Thanks for visiting my bloggie, I'm adding you to my blogroll. I also have a MySpace where you can see the photos of the kitties who formerly owned me if you wish. It is

    My eyes are leaking because I read your posts about Ernie. I'm very sorry for your loss. Oliver did exactly the same thing when he was first brought home, he ran up and across the bed straight into my arms and we were inseparable from then on (except when I had to go hunting of course, but he would rush to greet me when I came home). xxx

  3. Hello! We just found out about your blog from Captain Jack and Dante. We blame mommy on being late to say HI to you.

    Sammy and Miles

  4. Happy Fanksgiving.Nice ta meet ya. We hurd abowt you from Capt Jack & Dante.


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