Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aug. 14, 2007

I miss Ernie, I was hoping this blog would help me grieve and get past the loss of "my Ernie". August 14, 2007 Ernie died. I still need work!


  1. ((oh, my dear)), i am so sad to know you have been grieving alone for your ernie! i just found out from eric & flynn's post on the cat blogosphere, and would have been here long before, had i known.

    all i can say to you is that little ernie knows he is (and always was) loved , and is waiting happily and patiently for you to join him. he has no needs unmet, no hurts to bother him, no sadness--be happy for him; he's got a better deal than we do.

    and you surely have many sweet memories. granted, they must be bittersweet sometimes, but they are always about love and fur and warmth, aren't they--the best things in the world! so let the sweetness melt over you.

    my friend--if you can, though, when this awful time comes again, please try to be there for your furriend at the end. i left beforehand too, the first two times, and - while it is SO hard for us - it makes it easier for them. and you'll be proud that you went the final mile, as they would for you. what a splendid vet staff you have, to stand with love in your stead when they knew you couldn't.

    i hope that i've not hurt you or made you sadder--that was certainly not my intent. just know that there are many of us out here who understand and support you in good times and bad. you can always reach me through the kitties' profile--they get more mail than i do;-)

    the meower's mom (cheryl)

  2. This is The Food Source. Actually, you're doing fine, at least my from my experience.

    After I lost Coco, it took me more than a year before I thought I was ready for another cat. I still think about her. Sometimes I still talk to her.

    Things will get better, in time.

  3. We found this blog through a comment you left at Sassy's and when we saw Ernie's tribute photos, we just had to read his story.

    Grieving is a long process, but hopefully this blog has helped you some. It's so hard to lose one of our furry friends. But don't carry guilt about not being there. You were there when he needed you most - to live.

    jans funny farm


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