Friday, February 18, 2011

Babe's Mom

Mom wants us to tell you kitties ...Babe's mom, passed last Saturday Feb 12. She will always be remembered for her sweetness, humor, silliness, baking (yum) and her personal relationship with her Lord.
We will always have an empty spot in our hearts for our beloved friend. Grand-ma always gave us lots of treats and love. 
Babe is doing O.K. He is now following Mom around and has adopted her as his new Mom. 
...Chancy, Babe & Jake


  1. Oh, we're so sorry about Babe mom. We assume this is your G-Gma your mom was caring for. If it is, she's going to feel a bit "lost" for a while, so please give her some extra attention and love. Purrs and tail wags.

  2. We are so sorry to hear this. We know your G-Gma will be missed. we faces this in May when Mac's mom went to be with her Lord. Mac did not come to live with us for another six weeks. He was grieving so badly that he was not eating and hiding all the time! WE are glad Babe is going to your Mom for comfort

  3. We're sending our sympathies and comforting vibes for your loss. We hope the many good memories of your grandma give you some comfort now.

  4. Oh no's we is berry sorry to hears that! Please give Babe a big hug and a kiss from us!


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