Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday and this is my chair.

This is my chair and I can sit here anytime I wanna.
G-Gma is still living with us. From here I can watch Mom running to G-Gma's room, a million times a day. 
Mom says she should be skin & bones, with all the running she does. Nah! 
I'm dictating this to Mom while she types. I love being the boss. I keep telling her we need to get back to our blogging. She always says, o.k., but something always stops us.

Yep, there she goes, running again!


  1. Welcome back!! So good to see you! The one thing we haven't figured out is how to get the humans to blog...we gotta learn to type for ourselves!!

  2. We have missed you. We are glad G-Ma is doing well. We can't get our Mom to blog every day, either. We need to find what motivates the humans!

  3. Being the boss is the best isn't it?

  4. We understand about G-Ma's....ours was just seriously ill, but thankfully has recovered and is home again. It's nice meeting you and we're looking forward to getting to know you......if you can get your mom to post more often...:)))))))

  5. It's good to see you again. I can sit in any chair I want, also. I am also having a hard time getting my human to blog. It's so annoying.


  6. That is a very good chair you are sitting in! Perhaps you could give your mum some roller skates? Then she would be even faster.

  7. Oh, leave it to us, we put the comment on the wrong post. But still, we do want you to know you aren't forgotten.


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