Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy fantabulus Saturday kitties...

Happy Saturday to all you fantabulus felines.

It's been awhile since we've been here. Mom got her camera working.
She snapped a couple pix of us. We really miss blogging. Mom gets busy and just runs out of time and energy. After all, she is getting up there in years, ya know?

Chancy with an attitude.

Babe: She has never been interested in that perch.
Now all at once, she loves it.
Mom snapped this pix when the leaves were still on the trees and not on the ground.

Babe waiting for treats at mom's feet.

I love my treats. I sit there until I get them. If I want more, I keep sitting there. tee hee

Jake waiting for treats.

Jake: I sit and stair at mom until she gives me my treats. Mom says, I could stair a hole through her with my big round eyes.

Chancy: I stair at mom when I want my wet food. I don't give up, I glare until I get it. Sometimes, I have to follow her around, to get my point across. I think she is a little dense!


  1. I like to give my Mommeh a Hard Look when she doesn't give me my foods on time!

  2. We like the pictures. Glad mom got the camera working!

  3. Don't feel picked on, Jake. Our Jan is dense too. We wonder is that a trait of all humans? If so, they NEED us!

  4. Hiya furiends! We've really missed you. So great to see you again!


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