Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday to our's been a good week for Babe's Mom. She is gaining strength and feeling much better. Way to go, G-Gma Bea.
G-Gma always puts water out for us in her room. Jake loves to put his paw in it, then tip it! It's his routine!

We are still working on getting back to our kitty blogging...we hope to visit some bloggers today.

Everyday we check the Blogosphere for updates.
It's our routine.

We are sending our prayers out to all sick kitties with gobs of (((HUGS)))

Fight Moki, fight!


  1. It's nice to read an update from you all!! Happy weekend.

  2. I am glad that G-Gma is feeling better. Thank you for the update.

  3. THis is great news! Keep getting better G-Gma!

  4. We love good news!! Hope things keep getting better!!


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