Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We says>> we are enjoying the day...

Chancy says>> The pictures above...are of our new cousin Stanley. He is so cute! The 1st picture...he was sooo sleepy.

Chancy says>> You're taking my picture again? I'm not doing anything...just chillin out!

Babe says>> Can you believe this?..they put a silly hat on me, then tell me to smile. I don't think so!

Chancy says>> This is baby Jake...taken just a couple weeks after he moved in with us. We had forgotten that he was so small.

Jake says>> This is Chancy...just laying around, looking all pretty, watching all the goings on...around here.

Babe says>> See Jake on the left side of the fireplace. He is getting ready to pounce on Chancy. Actually, I think she knows what he is going to do.


  1. I almost did not see Jake in that last photo. I think you are right, Chancy seems prepared for the pounce!

  2. We almost missed Jake to! It looks like you are having a wonderful day - and welcome to Stanley, he certainly is a cutie :-)

  3. Mommy says that all of those photos were like "eye candy"!

  4. You guys are so cute! Thanks for visiting me, I really appreciate it. Ernie reminds me so much of Ollie, who was the love of my life:) xxx

  5. Hi there! Thanks for visiting our blog! We used to have lots of glass things like that one. But um...something...happened to it. Oh well! We hope nothing happens to all of your glass stuff like happened to our's. Have a great weekend!
    Sly and Kon

  6. Stanley is quite a handsome little dude!

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  8. Your cousin Stanley is soooo cute! Babe, even without a smile I think you look great in that hat! Although I am sorry your beans upset you with that.

    I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend :-D


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