Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are waiting...we want to blog...we miss our friends...

We are still waiting for mom to help us blog again. She has been very busy...g-g-gma & Babe moved in with us. The family has been very busy helping to get her house ready to sell. We are having a garage sale today, tomorrow & Saturday.
Wish her luck with her garage sale...we are hoping it does very well.
We wanted to go help, but mom says maybe us cats should just stay home. O.K... then we will just play & run together and just have fun. Later we will lay around in our favorite spots and snooze until they get home.

...July 30th
Wish g-g-gma Happy 87th Birthday!


  1. We're glad to see you back for a bit, we miss you guys! Sorry everything has been so busy - but that's summer for you (our Mommy's been gone a lot). Take care!

  2. Happy Birthday to you g-g-gma!

  3. We miss you and please wish your Grandma a Happy Birthday from me!

  4. We would bid fer the garage but we got one already. ;)

  5. Wow, happy birthday to g-g-ma! That's a lot of cat years!

  6. Happy Birthday to you g-g-gma! I hope your garage sale went well!!


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